Company profile

The Czerny family has been successful in the real estate business for three generations. It owns properties in Munich, Ottobrunn near Munich, Hanover and Mallorca worth hundreds of millions. 

Christian Czerny, as a businessman, started his career in a leading sales position from the age of 22. He was a sales manager in several companies with a focus on marketing for more than two decades before he successfully built up several companies as an entrepreneur. He has now been active in the asset management of his own properties for over ten years. On Mallorca, he initially offers clients to handle the task of increasing the value of their properties in addition to their own real estate projects. Always in the spirit of partnership and at eye level. He is supported by his team from the fields of interior design, architecture and construction. Everything from a single source.

Our heart beats for new, innovative real estate projects of all kinds. Nothing is impossible, and you should always be open to new technologies, especially when it comes to the environment: this has to play a role in today’s times. Contemporary architecture paired with a pleasing interior & exterior design round off exciting projects. Each property has its own unique selling proposition. You just have to look at it through the right lens, and highlight key attributes skilfully. With this motivation, our family was able to generate a property portfolio in the three-digit million range within three generations.

Value-added manufacturing – Making your property more valuable