Real Estate Investment-Mallorca

Real estate in Mallorca consistently increases in value by over 5% per year. Within the last 5 years alone, property prices in Mallorca have risen by around 30%. And demand is steadily increasing. Especially in light of recent developments, the trend towards investing in real estate is strong. High inflation and falling share prices are further stimulating the real estate market. The demand for real estate has far exceeded the supply for years. This is not least due to the good accessibility from almost all European airports. In addition, American airlines have recently started flying to Mallorca.

The real estate professionals at Sunshine Immobilien have built up their know-how within three generations. During this time, the company built up its own real estate portfolio in the three-digit million range.

For the first time, we offer our knowledge to investors who are willing to invest. Investing in “concrete gold” has provided property owners with excellent long-term returns. For the first time, we are offering investors the opportunity to participate with us in high-yield real estate projects. We acquire properties with appreciation potential, professionally upgrade them and then sell them in line with the market. We would be happy to send you an informative balance sheet of our investments to date.

Our service for investors

We find the right investment property.

The value of the property is increased through upgrading measures.

The property is sold at the best possible selling price or held for owner occupation.

The sales proceeds are reinvested in the next investment property, or you keep the property and enjoy relaxing hours on the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean.

As a result, double-digit returns per year (on appreciation and reinvestment) are demonstrably achievable. The professionals at Sunshine Immobilien will accompany you throughout the entire process in a cooperative and transparent manner. We will be happy to advise you without obligation and free of charge.

For buyers who are interested in real estate financing, we offer, through our partner VON POLL FINANCE, a financing option without the collateralisation of a land charge in Germany.

Value-added manufacturing – Making your property more valuable